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Day of German Unity
Berlin 1.—3. of October 2018

Standing alone? German Reunification would never have been achieved by individuals acting in isolation. It was the many brave citizens who took to the streets together in the autumn of 1989 who brought down the Berlin Wall in a peaceful revolution. It was our European neighbours and international friends who paved the way for Reunification. Since then, all of us have been living and furthering this unity, in Germany, in Europe, and across the world.

Now, after more than 25 years as a community of 16 German states or Länder, as a country in Europe and as a global partner, we have got used to the unity and freedom we achieved back then, even though they cannot be guaranteed. Instead, they have to be defended again and again – against nationalism, against isolation and against fear of the other and of others.

Our history has shown that it is community that really makes us strong. It is cohesion that tears down walls. And it is mutual trust that enables us to not only seek out fresh fields but also to reach them. The 2018 Day of German Unity, which the State of Berlin is hosting this year as part of its Bundesrat (Federal Council) presidency, will be all about the things that unite us. We will celebrate this festival of democracy and freedom together.

ONLY with you.

Welcoming Address

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28 years after German Reunification and 16 years after Berlin’s last Bundesrat (Federal Council) presidency, it is that time of year again – Berlin will host the Day of German Unity celebrations from 1 to 3 October 2018.

Since Reunification Berlin has been transformed like no other city in Germany. Where once a wall divided East from West, a cosmopolitan city is now thriving in the heart of Europe. This transformation, the search for new possibilities, and the desire for freedom are an inextricable part of our city.

On the Day of German Unity we want to not only celebrate the past, but also look ahead to the future. Where will we be in 28 years’ time? What challenges lie ahead? Will we succeed in making this a smart city, a creative catalyst and at the same time a socially just, liveable home for all Berliners? From our history we have learned that together we can overcome even the greatest challenges. And celebrate the best festivals. So, in this spirit,

whether you’re a Berliner or a friend from Germany or another country, we will be celebrating the 2018 Day of German Unity ONLY WITH YOU!

Michael Müller
Governing Mayor of Berlin

Street Festival

Biggest street festival in the whole of Germany. 1.—3. of October in Berlin.

People from Berlin, Germany, Europe and around the world will be celebrating freedom, diversity and democracy together from the 1st to 3rd of October. In this same spirit, Berlin will host a three-day celebration that will use history as an opportunity to examine the state of unity after 28 years and to present ideas for the future. At the same time, creativity and tolerance should reflect the character of the city. Located at historical sites of division and unity, the public celebration and the occasion itself will take on new significance and garner widespread attention. A three-day programme put on with many hundreds of partners will encourage participation and appeal to everyone. A number of these partners are small and voluntary projects, associations and initiatives that—though often invisible at first glance—are essential for society and democracy.


Federal government & states

Music & Culture

History & Remembrance

Future & Innovation

Sport & Exercise

Social Engagement & Service

Children & Family

Partners & Sponsors

Doing justice to these aspirations will require support from major social actors, not only at the political but also at an economic level.

© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Lena Giovanazzi


© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Lena Giovanazzi

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