Street Festival

Biggest Street Festival in the whole of Germany.
1.—3. of October in Berlin

From 1 to 3 October 2018, local Berliners will gather together with citizens from all over Germany, Europe and the world to celebrate freedom, diversity and democracy. The festivities will take place at original historical sites that represent both the division and unification of Germany, thus granting the occasion a unique significance and value. Over the course of three days, and together with hundreds of partner organisations, visitors will be offered an extensive programme of events designed to involve and speak to everyone attending. Indeed, the city-state of Berlin is looking forward to living up to its name as a great place to celebrate.

Following the motto NUR MIT EUCH – ONLY WITH YOU, visitors will be treated to a festival focusing on social participation and engagement. Berlin undoubtedly provides an ideal setting for such celebrations thanks to its ubiquitous historical symbolism but also its open, creative spirit and the self-evident way in which the city’s diverse array of inhabitants live side-by-side. This typical Berlin spirit is reflected in the ONLY WITH YOU slogan, which also forms the basis of the capital’s innovative verve and the strength of German unity itself. It is precisely this spirit that we want to celebrate together this year at a variety of open-air exhibitions, concerts and debates, but also as part of street-art events, public music performances and roundtable discussions.

In addition to political bodies, museums and foundations, this year’s events will also involve a number of volunteer projects, initiatives and associations that are indispensable for democracy and society, but which are not always visible at first glance. Their social engagement forms the basis for our civil society – and also for the ONLY WITH YOU motto, which has long since established itself as a sustainable model for the future.


Federal government & states

Foto: Lena Giovanazzi

History & Remembrance

Foto: Lena Giovanazzi

Future & Innovation

Foto: Jan Michalko/re:publica

Sport & Exercise

Foto: Lena Giovanazzi

Social Engagement & Service

Foto: Lena Giovanazzi

Children & Family

Foto: Lena Giovanazzi

Music & Culture

1 October



Neue Philharmonie (New Philharmonic)

Classical music has the power to reach so many people! This project is unique in Germany and unites high-quality orchestral music with support for up-and-coming orchestra musicians from all over the world and the promotion of classical music in the region. At concerts throughout Germany, the Neue Philharmonie proves that classical music does not belong in an ivory tower. / Presented by Siemens Arts

2 October

6:30 pm rbb Concert


rbb brings music to the people.

Anything but boring: true to its motto, the Berlin-Brandenburg broadcaster rbb will be showcasing its work and acting as media partner to the Day of German Unity. All of rbb’s radio stations and rbb TV will be on hand with a diverse programme including live music and a number of prominent personalities on the stage at the Brandenburg Gate on the evening of 2 October.

3 October

7:30 pm #1HEIT – The Concert


Musik Bewegt – Music moves us

A wide range of music stars will take the stage on 3 October – and they all will have one thing in common, namely to encourage us all to speak up and get involved. This final concert will see a number of music legends and newcomers shining the spotlight on the everyday heroes of unity and diversity: with the help of a platform called “Musik bewegt” (Music moves us), we’ll all get to see how music can lead to unity.


JR ­


The internationally renowned French street artist JR will transform Berlin’s most famous landmark – the Brandenburg Gate – by means of a 25-metre-high installation created exclusively for the Day of German Unity. Almost twenty-nine years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, JR will connect an historical image with this famous symbol of Germany’s division to convey the euphoria and joy of the day after the fall of the Berlin Wall – a moment that embraces and reflects the fundamental spirit of the annual Day of German Unity festivities, namely the longing for freedom, unity and democracy


A choral stress test by Marta Górnicka (Director& Libretto) Maxim Gorki Theater

Director Marta Górnicka will perform the Grundgesetz (Germany’s Basic Law) with a choir of 50 Berliners drawn from different spectrums of society, thereby testing the resilience of the constitution’s various articles and paragraphs in crisis situations.

Stage at the Brandenburg Gate

Premiere on 3 October, 3.15 pm


This installation will spotlight all 11,040 towns and cities in Germany over a space of 2.5 kilometres, thus running like a connecting ribbon – a “Band of Unity” – through the festival site. Comprising those typical yellow-and-black roadside signs announcing towns and cities in Germany, the installation will celebrate the motto NUR MIT EUCH (ONLY WITH YOU) and symbolise the diversity that makes up a united Germany: indeed, all of these towns and cities create one unity – from Aach to Zwönitz, from Chemnitz to München, from Sylt to Görlitz.

Food & Drinks

Culinary diversity is also part of the celebrations

Regional, traditional, eccentric and international: the culinary variety on offer as part of the Day of German Unity will be as diverse as Berlin itself.

Foto: Lena Giovanazzi


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